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We offer hundreds of Shellac and Gelpolish hues! Custom colors and mixing for that unique look is available.


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Eyelash Extensions

Have you always wanted full volumnious eyelashes? Book a consultation today and a private appointment to give you the individual look you need! Brittany has all lengths, and styles, to fit all eyetypes. She has been through many seminars and training courses to give the look with ease!


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More Info on Eyelashes?:

EYELASH Extensions: They are single synthetic lashes that bond onto your existing natural eyelash. The appointment is done exclusivly by our certified extentsionist, Brittany Negro, and lasts approximately 1 to 2 hours. (Please Note) call ahead for private appointment times for this service!

What do i expect during this appointments ?

During your procedure: dozens of individual eyelashes of diffrent lengths and thickness are applied to a your  natural existing eyelashes. We use none-toxic certified glue that will not cause damage to your natural lashes or person! If you have any allergies this will be a question listed on the consultation form for your convienence and ours!

Please Note: Although the eyelashes are synthetic, the final look, and texture is 100% natural! The result will cause your eyelashes to appear darker and more voluminous. 

Other benefits to eyelashes are: they add thickness and length to your natural eyelashes, instantly lifting the eyes without compromising the natural eyelashes and not weighing them down. Our eyelashes are extremely light and feel comfortable to wear.