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Waxing Services:

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Below you will find some helpful informationa and a basic service list of waxing services we currently offer.


Eyebrows And Facial Waxing:

Your eyebrows make up the structure and framing of your face. Eyebrows are the very gateway to communication, facial reactions, and body language. Here at  Studio 406 Salon; our technicians help you express these traits with the best eyebrow waxing artistary for  women

and men! Our overall motto is that facial waxing should do more than remove unwanted facial hair, but should also enhance the best in your facial features and overall look.

Book NOW! Studio 406 Salon has waxing experts ready to serve you! They are specially trained for a eyebrow or facial waxing services that will give you, your unique look! Our waxing experts are highly skilled in the perfect look with minimal discomfort; and have impeccable cleanliness that will give you, a safe service, and have you looking your very best!




Dont Forget After Care!: Studio 406 Salon offers facial,skin, and eyebrow products that will enhance the wear, and complement your waxing service! The Studio's private eyebrow and facial skincare products will restore hard to grow hair while also keeping your perfectly waxed eyebrows looking stunning between services. These products are intended to optimize your overall skin to reduce ingrown hairs, and keeping the structure of the eyebrows looking flawless!  


Pro tips for preparing for your waxing visit:

  • Don't use any lotions or body oils on any area that will be waxed. Doing so will cause the wax to not adhere correctly onto unwanted hair.
  • If low tolerance to any pain our technicians recommend over the counter medication such as  ibuprofen, Advil, and Tylonel one hour prior to waxing service. Thishas been affective to reduce and help to increase your pain tolerance levels.


Other Information about Waxing Services: There is a myth that waxing of any hair causes hair to grow back darker, thicker, and more course. This is untrue and a old wives tale! Each persons genetic traits make up certain amount of follicles, color, and coarseness of hair. Simple solution, the hair will always grow back the same regardless!

Ingrown hair issues?

   Because each person is diffrent and our skin is unique; please come in for a consulatation prior to a service; so we can review and recommend your situation! This allows us to give you the best care! (Please Note) Studio 406 Salon does carry a full line of products designed for waxing after care! They are designed to help to treat all skin types, preventing ingrown hairs.





Service Menu, and Description:


Eye brows (First Time)          
Eye brows (4 weeks)         


Arms (Full






Arms (Half)

Chin Only  $10.
Full Face (lip, brows, chin, sides) $45
Upper Lip $10.
Nasal  $10

PLEASE BE ADVISED: Medication does affect any waxing service.

Please make aware to your technician prior to any waxing service any medications that may affect your service! You should not be waxed if you are taking major medications. Examples of these are: acutane, retina, and hospital grade antibiotics. Medications such as these have the ability to compromise the skin. Please contact us prior to your visit if this implies to you for further assistance and professional advice!


Cancellation Policy: Studio 406 Salon requires for all services a minimum of 24 hour advance notice via telephone.  If less than a 24 hour notice is received, 50% to 100% of service price will be charged/required before rebooking another appointment. We thank you for your understanding.  

-Studio 406 Staff :)