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What Nail Service fits your lifestyle?

Dear Guests:

Let us show you why we are different from any other salon in Billings, MT!

Below is a Menu of Pricing and Services along with helpful information on everything we offer in our private nail spa.

Some Info Before Booking:

  1. "Fake nails" do not have to look FAKE we specialize in natural look and feel!
  2.  Artificial nails should never ever hurt during service or after care.
  3. Most important: For your protection we utilize professional, sterile utensils and sterile procedures and work areas! We NEVER Re-USE Anything! (Example Nail Files)
  4. We Professionally recommend for every nail client to receive fills every 2-4 weeks!
  5. With proper care Nails are not as much maintenance as people have been led to believe.
  6. We guarantee that every service is done ONLY by a professionally certified and licensed Nail Specialist within the guidelines set by the Montana State Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists. Because of this; it insures not only your safety, but our education and professionalism to receive the trust from the community to deliver the very best beauty services! Thank you for choosing us!

Nails & Enhancements


ACRYLIC NAILS: Acrylic Nails can be custom lengthed and shaped. They are created by a process using a professional grade monomer (liquid) with a professional grade polymer (powder) to form a chemical combination to create a hard substance that is applied with a professional grade nail brush. It can take up to 48 hours for Acrylics to fully "cure" to their full strength. If done correctly acrylics can be very robust, strong, and natural looking. Its a myth that one is stronger than the other and that one is thinner or thicker. It is all in how they are applied and the person wearing them!

Price Range: $35-$60





SHELLAC OR GELPOLISH NAILS: Not to be confused by "Hard Gel". This Product is applied much like painting nails with normal polish. Base coat, 2 Color Coats, And Topcoat. You cannot extend with Shellac or Gelpolish. This is a "power polish" that lasts 2-3 weeks without chipping or minimal wear and tare. This is a fantastic option for those wishing to take control of their natural nail health and grow their nails naturally! We have over 600+ colors to choose from! Unlike regular nail polish...Shellac or Gelpolish "Cures" like Hard Gel but comes out instantly dry! This product also has amazing wear and a shine that no normal nailpolish topcoat could come close to recreating! Try it today!

Price Range: $25-$35




SNS Powder Coated Nails


Ditch the double dip with Young Nails’ new powder coating system, SlickPour.

Jumpstart traditional nail enhancements with this powder coat application process that’s easy to apply and remove.

With a service that’s clean and fast, you’ll discover the durability and staying power of the glossy powder coat finish. This product features multiple shades that are fortified with calcium and

vitamin E.Try something New today! 

Price Range: $45-65




Gel Enhancements

GEL NAILS: All Gel enhancement products can be custom lengthed and shaped. They are referred to as "Hard Gel" which is a commonly pre-mixed substance. This substance is applied using a professional Gels ONLY Brush. UV light or LED lights is then used to cure the Hard gel enhancement. Once the lights turn off and the process is completed they are removed from the light, and voila! Fully "cured" and ready to be shaped and shined to perfection for 2-4 weeks! 

Price Range: $45-$60





Just A Polish Change (Regular Polish)

Quick & simple cleanup of cuticles, nail shaping, and polish! Great for on the go!

(ADD shellac for Upcharge) PRICE: $25.00  BOOK ONLINE


On The Go Manicure (regular Polish)

This quick manicure will nurture your skin, while an invigorating scrub renews and refreshes.A hydrating and soothing hand and arm massage will leave you softer than silk. The finishing touch complete, a perfect polish finish. PRICE: $30.00

(ADD Shellac for an upcharge) 



Princess Manicure 

Perfect little fingers for the Princess in your life!  GLITTER and more GLITTER! We will polish their fingers with a longer lasting and protective polish...Plus a little extra design, glitter or rhinestones. We have tons of bright colors and sparkles to choose from!

(under 12 please) PRICE: $20.00



MAN-I-Cure:your hard working hands to the care they deserve.  We guarantee we will relax your mind while our custom hand massage works away stress.

Includes: Invigorating Soak, Scrub, callus/hangnail treatment, nail shaping and 10 minute hand massage.
(Gentleman ONLY please) PRICE: $25.00 



Studio 406 Salon Signature Spa Manicure (Regular Polish)

Quiet your mind and renew your spirit with this treatment designed to hydrate, rejuvenate, and renew hands and arms.

First, a rejuvinating hand soak, followed by an exfoliation using our special blend of  sea salt and sugar fusion,  immersed with nutrients, essential oils.

Next, followed by a hydrating masque and warm towels.

A Relaxing 10 minute hand and arm massage will leave your skin soft and supple. While a cuticle cleanse, nail shaping and a perfect polish leaves you refreshed and renewed.  PRICE: $50.00
(ADD Shellac for an upcharge) 



Pedicure Services & Pricing

Petite Spa Pedicure  (50 Min)

You will feel in heaven with this relaxing pedicure service! Best service for a little quick 'TLC' 

This service begins with a gentle professional grade sugar scrub, detailed callus refine, leg exfoliation (removing 3 layers of dead skin), light lotion application, detailed cuticle work, and to end it all a set of gorgeous toes!!


$55.00 (Regular Polish)

$65.00 (Shellac Gelpolish)



Studio's Signature Deluxe Spa Pedicure  (90min)

"Ultimate retreat in moisture, rejuvenation, and recovery for the feet."


Service Includes: Hydrating Foot and Rejuvenating soak, Organic Professional Grade Foot Scrub, Exfoliation from the knees down, Detailed Callus Refining, Refreshing Mask**, Signature OPI Leg, Hand,  and Foot MASSAGE, Warm towels, Detailed Cuticle Refining, and guaranteed perfectly polished toes. This service is the top of the top for your feet leaving you in a harmonious state of relaxation!



$50.00 (With No Polish Or Finish Just Spa Pedicure Deluxe Ala Carte)

$65.00 (Regular Polish)

$75.00 (Shellac/Gelpolish)



Shellac/ Gelpolish Toes ALA CARTE


 This VERY QUICK NO WATER pedicure service is perfect for that lady on the go. Whether it be meeting girlfriends, picking up kids, or on a lunch break we have you covered! Your legs and feet will be exfoliated to 'baby soft' removing 3 layers of dead skin! followed by detailed cuticle care and callus refine, and ending in beautiful toes and a light massage.


Gentleman's Pedicure: 


Service Includes: Organic professional grade sugar scrub, callus refining, warm towels and mask, Signature OPI foot, and leg massage, Detailed Cuticle care and filing. Buff or Matte finishes available.